The Sit N Stand is great for people who have children of different ages, but it can work for twins as well. It’s compatible with Baby Trend Flex Loc infant car seats and several other brands. The stroller weighs approximately 32.5 pounds. Dimensions are 49″ L X 21.5″ W X 43″ H. It comes in 4 color options: carbon, elixir, millenium, and stormy. Maximum weight should not exceed 40 pounds per child. The rear standing platform is for children over 2.5 years old and below 40 inches high.

The FastAction Fold Click Connect 30 is almost equal to aforementioned Sport Stroller travel system. Significant difference is, off course, with 4-wheel version – which, typically are less maneuverable than their 3-wheeled counterparts – and perhaps, as reviews are concerned, may have a smaller basket, perhaps due to distance in wheelbase in the 3 versus 4-wheel cart. However, this stroller comes nearly identical in available options, with the benefit of a reduced price tag. The Classic Connect 30 Carseat is also top rated and similarly produced with energy absorbing foam, 5-point harness and level indicator. Colors available: Nyssa, Farrow, and Finley.
Travel System safety starts with buying a quality stroller carseat combo. When considering a car seat stroller combo, it makes sense to do the research on the products you are considering buying. Start by reading the descriptions of the products and by visiting our car seat stroller combo reviews section to see what other parents have thought about these products. User reports on a product will tell you more about the product than any other source. 

Britax has been mobile safety brand for over a half-decade, pioneering innovations in child safety along the way. It is another top selling baby products manufacturer that is leading in the line of baby strollers and car seats, also evident by their recent purchase of the entire BOB brand. Their B-Agile, 3-wheel Stroller comes with infinite recline, 5-point harness, rear parking brakes, all wheel suspension and large canopy. The B-Safe Car Seat also has energy absorbing foam, 5-point harness, level indicator and is certified for air travel. Also, the travel system is compatible with other car seat brands, such as Graco, Chicco and Peg Perego. Colors available: Black, Red, and Sandstone.
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Write a list of features which your car seat stroller combo must have and try and adhere to this list when buying. If you would prefer a system which has a front facing car set, then only consider brands which have this feature. Decide whether you want a three wheeled stroller with bicycle tyres which is all-terrain or whether you would be happier with a conventional four wheeler. By using a specialised website, you can ensure that you are going to be completely satisfied with your purchase as you can tick things off your check list while you shop.
Infants require a rear-facing seat that fits your baby’s weight and height. That’s because babies have weak neck and back muscles that need extra support when traveling in a vehicle. A rear-facing infant seat will support your baby’s head and neck in a sudden stop or a crash. Carefully refer to the instructions that come with the car seat and install the seat as directed.
The first one lasted a few months. I loved it. Easy to maneuver, lightweight, I wasn't lugging around a big travel system like all the other mommies. Then the release handle jammed. This is not a part they can send out. I had to get an RA in the mail, buy a box to ship it in, wait for fedex to pick it up, then call to have it tracked so they could send out my new one without me waiting for the whole thing to process (that was nice). I got the new one a week and half later (a huge pain to be without). I assembled it last week, recycled the box on the weekend and now the same thing has happened. Less than a week later. I am so frustrated. It is still useable, but it is inconvenient. It takes two hands to slide the release mechanisms rather than one hand to fold and flip the thing open and closed. And I have a lot of stuff in my hands. At all times. I will be calling again, but I can't think of a satisfactory solution at this point. I need my stroller, and I need it to work.
Summer Infant is a company dedicated to the safety and innovation in baby products across multiple categories in the baby health field. The Summer Infant Fuze Stroller was designed with a 5-point safety harness, height adjustable handlebar, parent cup holder, baby seat recline and ample storage space beneath the carriage. In order to provide safety for a baby in the car, the Prodigy Car Seat was designed with SmartScreen technology to absolutely ensure correct installation of base unit.
Babies require a lot of gear in their first years of life, but none is as important as a baby car seat. You can't bring a baby home from the hospital or transport one in the family car without a car seat. Because it is such an important purchase, taking the time to find the right seat for your child is critical. Learn more about the different types and features, then shop Walmart's Every Day Low Prices to save big on all of your baby's needs.
Since I can't load toddler into his car seat while wearing baby, If I happen to be loading the car on a rare outing without a stroller I quickly place baby in her seat unbuckled, load and buckle toddler and loop back to get baby buckled in. I leave my car keys next to baby to remind me to go back and buckle her (since I have only 2 remaining brain cells left and could totally imagine forgetting to strap her in!).
I really hated to spend the money for a travel system! It just did not make good sense to me. I was not sure exactly what type of stroller I wanted and decided to wait until after I had baby and then decide! Besides, there were irrestible sales on infant car seats too sweet to pass up! I purchased my infant car seat and got the one I wanted. Then found this little contraption! LOVE IT!
Convertible seats. You can make this kind rear facing. Later, you can turn it to face forward as your child outgrows the manufacturer’s limits for rear facing. That’s a plus, since you can use it for longer. These seats also tend to have higher weight limits than the rear-facing-only kind. That’s something to consider if you have a bigger baby. But convertible seats don’t have a handle like the rear-facing-only ones, and they don’t have a separate base.
The stroller should be well constructed and not flimsy. Unfortunately some of the lower priced travel systems cut their costs by making the stroller from cheaper materials. The problem is that these strollers will not outlast your child outgrowing the infant car seat. This severely reduces the overall life of the product and you will not realize the savings of having a stroller that will last through their toddler years. Look at what the rating is for child weight on the stroller to make sure it will be usable after the infant stage. The stroller should also have a three or five point safety harness and comfortable seating for your child. As with the car seat you want to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining the stroller properly to insure it remains a good safe product to use for your child.
Let's face it, your little passenger comes with a lot of baggage. Travel systems, strollers, car seats, carriers and other accessories are all part of the scene but lucky for us, today's smart designs and innovative materials mean new parents can travel lighter than ever before. You also have peace-of-mind knowing that Babies"R"Us only offers car seats that meet Transport Canada’s strict safety standards.
Even if your child is older than one year and does not need help walking, seat the child facing the rear. As long as you follow the safety guidelines, rear-facing installation affords better protection for the child's head, neck and chest in the event of an impact. Your child will be safer, even if his or her legs are touching the back of the vehicle seat. 

As the name suggests, the all-in-one car seat covers all of your child's car seat needs, and it can install in both rear- and forward-facing positions. It transitions from infant car seat to forward-facing toddler car seat to booster seat. In the rear-facing position, an all-in-one car seat safely holds babies as small as 4 pounds. In the forward-facing position, kids can wear the five-point harness up to 65 pounds. As a booster seat, children up to 120 pounds can sit in the booster securely using the car's seat belt system.
This system isn’t cheap, so those with a tight budget may want to look elsewhere. Some parents felt the stroller seat was too small and wouldn’t last through the 50 pound limit. Others felt the stroller was actually TOO lightweight to be sturdy while putting baby in and out. Some felt that the car seat was too difficult to attach and unattach to the stroller. A few felt the wheels and handle were flimsy and felt loose.

The Chicco KeyFit is the highest-scoring infant car seat in our ratings, and has been for years. It's easy to use and install with a seat belt or LATCH mechanism, plus it earns the highest score possible in our crash-protection test. Its lone drawback is that it maxes out with a 22-pound child and, considering most babies triple their weight by the time they turn 1, you’ll need to upgrade to a new car seat sooner than you may have planned. Of course you can continue to use the Activ3 stroller after you move your child to a convertible car seat, but you'll need to unstrap her to move her between the two.
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There are endless benefits associated with a stroller carseat combo which will make your life a lot easier while managing your kid out in the open. This is a kind of addictive thing and once you entrust it as your prime facilitator then life would be really hard without it until your kid is big enough to walk on his own. The benefits of a stroller carseat combo can be relative to different parents, but nevertheless, they offer huge advantages with no one can ever deny.
Our roster of brands includes favorites like Diono, Britax, Graco, Evenflo, Clek, Summer Infant, Munchkin, and plenty more. Within this broad mix, you'll find car seat accessories including car seat protectors and rear facing mirrors–plus excellent gift ideas for anyone on your list. Find the right car seat according to your child’s age and stage. We even offer our Subscribe & Save program to help you save money while stocking up on all your car seat essentials.

For our first baby, we opted for a single stroller that reclined flat and began using that once baby was about a month old (the Baby Jogger City Mini). With our second babe, on most outings we still use the single stroller for the toddler and I wear baby. The nice thing about this option is that when toddler is out and exploring (at a park or library, for example), I can recline the stroller seat flat for the baby.  

This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a doctor or other healthcare professional. Please review the Terms of Use before using this site. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use.

The only real knock that I can give this stroller is that it weighs quite a bit, making it unsuitable for all-purpose use. This is especially true for new mothers. We've taken it on the trail a few times, and it's a smooth ride, but this is not the stroller you want for taking quick trips to a grocery store in my opinion. I will contend that the weight of ... full review 

Travel System safety starts with buying a quality stroller carseat combo. When considering a car seat stroller combo, it makes sense to do the research on the products you are considering buying. Start by reading the descriptions of the products and by visiting our car seat stroller combo reviews section to see what other parents have thought about these products. User reports on a product will tell you more about the product than any other source.
Most car seat stroller combo  are designed to accommodate your growing baby but you cannot take this for granted. Establish how long you can expect the car seat to last before you have to purchase a larger one, and likewise with the stroller. These are very important points if you are on a tight budget as you would preferably like to use your car seat stroller combo for as long as possible. Some travel system strollers have car seats which are suitable from birth to around 55 lbs while others are birth to 22 lbs so this highlights the need to shop carefully.
LOVE IT !!!! Really made my life easier. At first i thought maybe we didnt need this (since we had a travel system) but i'm so glad i registered for it!!! On many an occasion, I have been in and out of 5 stores all in one day's worth of errands and it was very easy for me to use and more importantly, my baby (now 2 mths old) was very much undisturbed. It's just that easy to take out of the trunk, snap the baby seat on there and GOGOGO... I was really better off with this rather than hauling the Graco Metrolight out and putting the car seat in there. The SnapN'Go is very lightweight and actually sits the car seat a bit lower so it's easier to put the baby in. It's also narrow enought to get in between smaller aisles and lightness helps you negotiate tight turns. The rubber (like?) tires make for a really smooth ride also. They had squeeky issues in the beginning but a couple of shots of WD-40 took care of that, no problem. It has a decent sized basket perfect for quick trips, not for a good shopping day at the mall, if you know what i mean (when the entire stroller is no longer for the baby LOL). We use this with our Graco SnugRide (2002 model) and my hubby had NO problems following the directions to adjust for the particular model. The car seat snaps quite securely in it. I don't understand the trouble some of these reviewers had. Frankly, i'm puzzled. Maybe Graco fixed a typo? Anyways, In my opinion, the SnapN Go is one of those xtra luxury items to own that makes traveling with baby just a bit more pleasant. Definitley a great purchase!!!! OH also forgot to mention LOVE the two cupholders it has on the parent tray.......two different sizes to accomodate 2 different sizes of cups........Like the JetBlue of car seat carriers. Just what u need and nothing more.....but makes you very happy. I'll be sad when my baby grows out of it.....
For parents who are looking to get back into shape after having a baby, a jogger stroller and car seat combo helps you burn calories while taking your baby along. These are usually very sturdy, lightweight strollers that can move quickly and maneuver well over bumpy terrain. They can be more expensive than other models, which is something to think about. Be aware that not all “jogger” strollers are made for jogging. For instance, there’s a brand called Baby Jogger with several strollers, but there’s only ONE of their strollers actually approved for jogging.
I knew how hard the temptation would be to let my sleeping babe remain in the seat on outings and even in the house. I knew that it would provide an easy seat to keep baby in on stroller walks, errands, restaurants and friends’ homes. I also knew that we would need to purchase a convertible seat in the first year of baby’s life anyway and saw that skipping the infant seat could save us some serious money (read on to learn why it didn't)! 
Lower anchor and tethers for children (LATCH) connectors are a system of hooks and straps that secure to anchor points built into all cars manufactured after 2002. They function to secure the car seat safely in the back seat rather than using the car's seat belt system. LATCH connectors have their own weight limits, so it is important to switch from the LATCH system to the car's seat belts when the combined weight of the child and the car seat exceed the limit.
What a lot of new parents may not realize is that you want to consider both pieces of gear at the same time, because many strollers—but not all—can accept an infant car seat. That means you can pop the car seat off its base in the car and into the stroller, without ever unstrapping, or even waking, your little angel. It's a super-convenient arrangement that lasts until your baby outgrows the infant car seat. 
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There are numerous things to take into consideration before making your purchase especially if you are new parents. Your first concern should be safety. Try and research online to find out which brands of car seat stroller combo offer things such as impact protection and distribution of crash force. Look to see whether the system you are considering has met USA safety standards or whether it has been top rated by any consumer magazines.
Older versions had less headroom per seat, so toddlers’ heads often touched the top well before they outgrew the weight limit. The new version should be better with the upgrades, but keep that in mind when shopping. This new version also has limited colors available, so if you’re dead set on blue, you may be disappointed unless you opt for the older version.
CR’s take: Our testers found that you get the best (and easiest) fit between car seats and strollers when you stick to a single brand, and this duo from Chicco is a prime example. But Chicco doesn’t sell the Activ3 stroller with the KeyFit car seat as a travel system. Building this bundle yourself means you can have all the advantages of the jogging stroller, which handles nimbly and, once you’re removed the KeyFit car seat, collapses flat using one hand.
I did look at a bunch of reviews prior to buying. Looked at several different options and decided to give this one a try. So glad I did. Had this for over 5 months now, great car seat. Easy to install, kiddo is comfortable, and seems very safe and secure. We are looking at the next size up as our kiddo grows and will be sticking with the Chico brand. Would definitely recommend.
The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System is durable, light weight, and has all the bells & whistles. Parents are extremely happy, children are comfortable, and it is extremely easy to put kids in & take them out. Baby Trend offers an all-terrain car seat stroller combo. It’s the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System with EZ-Loc infant car seat:
This fun-looking travel system is super affordable and has great prints and patterns that parents seem to love. The well-padded seat on the stroller has multiple recline settings plus a removable large head support pillow that can also be used in the car seat. Parents like the padding and say the car seat straps are easy to buckle. They love the many compartments in the stroller, especially the bottom basket and the covered parent tray.

CR’s take: This duo perfectly highlights what you can get by mixing and matching brands. It's the most expensive of the three travel systems designed by CR's experts, but it still costs less than some strollers in our ratings. Bumbleride makes a number of top strollers, including the Indie, which gets some of the best marks of any traditional stroller in our ratings, thanks to its nimble handling and easy-to-use features. But the company doesn’t make car seats.